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Calibr8 has been developed in South Africa by a team of professionals who have been involved in the evaluation of work for a number of years. The standalone programme has been developed by an Engineer managing people, and is therefore developed with the end user in mind. The touch and feel of the initial programme has been used as the basis for the web enabled system that will be available from our United States offices.

The system is built as a point factor comparison system, which allows the results to be used to assist with logical structuring and reporting relationships, as well as informing logical promotion opportunity decisions. It should however be noted that any such system should only be used as an input to such decisions, and accurate as the system may be, it should never over-ride good managerial decision making regarding these aspects.

The knowledge definitions of the system have used the emerging NQF level language as a basis for its own knowledge definitions (lower levels). Where the NQF levels were not evenly spaced, or have not been able to measure business acumen, this has been addressed in the scaling of the knowledge definitions. (Note, the definitions, whilst aligned to an NQF understanding, are not the NQF definitions)

At Executive and Senior Management levels, the Knowledge definitions reflect the modern understanding of the knowledge required at top levels, including the need for conceptual and strategic capability.

At Bluprints™ we believe that every modern day CEO faces the challenge of encouraging staff to buy-in to their vision and executing the business’ strategy with full commitment across the board.

That is why we designed and developed a globally unique methodology to engage all the staff within your organisation to systematically co-decipher the perfect Bluprint™ to determine the future success of the company. Through these co-created engagements you will gain true insight into the inner success dynamics required to take your organisation to a whole new level of effectiveness.

A Bluprint™ is the outcome of a great adventure into the discovery of your own organisation’s ‘DNA’.

BTS ia a global leader in providing customised business simulation related products and services focusing on strategy implementation.

360People works in association with BTS Africa regarding leadership development and change programmes

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We collaborate with Vortex who specialise in organisational improvement projects in the public service.