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Remuneration Benchmarking

Remuneration Benchmarking

  • National, Industry and Niche Surveys

The foundation of an organizations reward or talent management strategy is remuneration benchmark data. In order to wage the war for talent it is essential to have accurate, reliable information that is truly representative of the market, and which overcomes the vagaries of job title matching through the proper application of job evaluation methodology.

360People is a leader in the African market in terms of remuneration surveys. We specialize in both national country surveys and niche, client focused surveys. These cover all positions ranging from clerical to senior management staff as well as executive and expatriate positions. We have conducted a number of very successful and comprehensive National Remuneration Surveys in Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Swaziland for both the national market and key industry sectors.

In South Africa we provide a  rolling database of audited executive and non executive director remuneration which, due to the sizing technology employed, is unique and more accurate than un-sized company data would be.

Our specific remuneration survey value proposition is to provide:

  • Accurate, reliable reporting by ensuring proper validation and matching of data.
  • Data results aligned to clients specific requirements
  • Web based online data submission
  • Scaled sector reporting
  • Customer driven survey design
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of client data.

Further, we provide a number of value adding services such as a free half day workshop with all our national and industry sector surveys entitled ‘Survey and Remuneration Management- Integrating Survey Results to Support the Reward Strategy’ . This provides users with an enhanced understanding of how to interpret the survey and effectively use results to better manage their pay practices.

Most importantly our experienced survey team, supported by the 360people reward consultants, is dedicated to   ensuring the quality and accuracy of survey information through the sound application of survey analytical techniques and  careful job matching. In short, 360People endeavors to provide reliable information, rather than data, to our participants, enabling the implementation of reward strategies that deliver results in supporting the human capital strategy.