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Training Workshops – Managing The Abuse Of Sick Leave

Training Workshops – Managing The Abuse Of Sick Leave

Module 1: Sick Leave Legislation
  • Understanding and applying the sick leave provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Used correctly the law regulating sick leave becomes an extremely effective tool in combating sick leave abuse
  • Lessons from Case Law
  • Schedule 8 of the LRA – Practical Do’s and Don’ts
Module 2: General Observations
  • Abuse – what is it?
  • Attitude: understanding the mind of the abuser
  • Law, agreements and statistics
Module 3: The cost of absenteeism
  • How much is abuse costing the employer?
Module 4: Review and analysis of (own) company policy
  • This module depends upon the availability of an existing company policy, which is examined to determine legislative compliance and suitability for use in combating abuse.
Module 4: The strategy for reducing absenteeism
  • Measurement
  • Commitment
  • Participation
  • Incentivisation
Module 5: The SEVEN STEP TACTICAL PLAN™ to eliminate sick leave fraud
  • In this module, delegates participate in an in-depth analysis of the proven seven steps which are guaranteed to produce remarkable results.
  • Case studies and role plays are used extensively to ensure that delegates can apply the crucial knowledge and skills in the workplace.
Aimed At

HR Officers/Managers, Line Managers,Supervisors/Team Leaders, Payroll Managers Officers


1 Day.